Employment Problems

If you are, or were, an employee, this site is intended to give you a brief introduction to the employment claims you may have, and how we can assist you to gain compensation where appropriate.

Our reputation in employment law has been gained by successfully suing some of the largest employers in the UK, and gaining substantial compensation for our clients. Our success in suing employers led to our being asked to act for them, and we now also offer a number of key services for employers. In particular we advise on how dismissals should be effected in order to minimise the chances of a claim against the employer succeeding. We find that acting on 'both sides of the fence' means that we appreciate how cases should be fought, whether bringing or defending claims.

Types of Employment Claim

If you have an employment claim, it will normally fall into the following categories:

  • Unfair dismissal;
  • Redundancy;
  • Disability discrimination;
  • Sex and race discrimination.

Apart from our expertise in bringing claims, one of the reasons our employment practice has grown so fast is that, unlike almost every other law firm, we are prepared to 'put our money where our mouth is'. If your case has sufficient prospects of success we offer a 'no win, no fee' service whereby you will not pay our professional fees even if you lose your claim.

Please do not delay in contacting us, though. Although substantial amounts of compensation can be awarded in the Employment Tribunal, there are strict time limits for bringing claims and only limited exceptions. There is normally a three month deadline for claiming, but this can be extended under the new regulations if an appeal and/or grievance is submitted within three months.

For further information on unfair dismissal and discrimination in the workplace please click here.

If the advice you require does not fall into the above categories, this does not mean that we will not be able to help you. We advise on most aspects of employment law, practice and procedure, so if you have a problem that does not fall within the above categories please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

Compromise Agreements

If you have been made redundant or you are in the process of losing your job it is possible that your employer will ask you to sign a Compromise Agreement.

A Compromise Agreement is an agreement prepared by your employer to stop you bringing any claims against them in the Employment Tribunal in connection with the termination of your employment.

We advise employees on these agreements on a 'day-to-day' basis, and make sure in each case that the employees are getting a fair sum in settlement of their claims, and that the Compromise Agreement covers all the issues it should. Normally the employer pays all the legal costs, so the employee need pay nothing.

For further details please click here.

Representation At Tribunals

Although not our preference, we are willing to be instructed to represent employees in relation to Employment Tribunal cases already running. This most often occurs when employees have initiated claims themselves, and find that the case is 'getting away from them'; often because of the defence tactics used by employers' lawyers. We will then prepare the case for trial, attempt to correct any procedural or strategic errors that may have been made, and represent our client at the Tribunal.