Partnerships and Joint Ventures

A partnership automatically arises where two or more people agree they will share responsibility and decision-making for a business, and proceed to do so. For a full explanation, please click here.

We have set up all types of UK partnerships and regularly prepare Partnership Agreements tailored to the needs of professional partnerships. These govern the relationship between the partners, how profits and liabilities are split and how the partnership will be managed and disputes resolved.

For an explanation of why you absolutely need a Partnership Deed if you are entering into a partnership, please click here. Even if you have a Partnership Deed things change, and you will of course need to keep the Partnership Deed updated.

We also regularly advise on all forms of joint ventures, from property companies to internet start-ups. In all cases we ensure that our client’s interests are protected fully, and that difficult matters such as exit provisions are fully provided for in the documents well in advance of any problems that may unfortunately arise.

If you are starting a company with other shareholders, you will definitely need us to prepare a shareholder agreement for you, regulating your business relationship.